What can We Learn from the United Airlines Fiasco

It was a story viewed around the world and made headlines in every single news publication. When Dr. David Doa, a 69 year old passenger on board a United Airlines flight was violently dragged out of his seat in order to make room for airline employees, the entire world was a-gasp. The even stirred up a great deal of controversy for United Airlines, and for all airlines, in general. It.. Read More

What to wear at an EDM festival in 2016

One thing we can all agree about EDM concerts is myriad of colors and fashion statements that dominate the events. EDM concerts are not just about music, but the freedom to express yourself in what you believe to be the most appropriate attire for the event. It’s about hitting the dance floor to the electronic sounds of the greats such as Guetta, Aoiki, and Skrillex adorned in your best dancing.. Read More

Developing the Courage For NFL Players to Enter Rehab

Developing courage to check into rehab The first step in developing courage to check into rehab is in knowing what courage really means. Unlike what most people believe, courage is not being fearless, but actually the ability to confront a scaring situation or person despite being afraid. Being courageous is like taking the difficult option even when you are sure the easier option would have been less demanding. It is.. Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Brickell Miami Office Space Pricing And Options

Do you live and work in Miami? If this is the case, you’ve probably heard of Brickell Miami at some point or another. This neighborhood is situated in Downtown Miami and is truly a major commercial hub. If you’re an attorney or entrepreneur in Miami, you can benefit enormously by centralizing your business around this neighborhood. This is the case, because there are numerous office spaces throughout the area and.. Read More

Guys’ Fly Fishing Trip

Being single, I can pretty much fish when, where and for how long I want. If I want to fish, I don’t have to run it by someone else or check the calendar to see if any unwanted relative are planning a visit- I just go fishing. However, everyone I fish with has a family. When my friends want to go fishing we have to start the process WAY in.. Read More

Tips for Wearing Fashion Bracelets and Other Jewelry

Tips for Wearing Fashion Bracelets and Other Jewelry Throughout the years, many women have inspired new fashion trends, by making fashion statements. During this time, the colors and styles of attire have changed dramatically. Clothing has become much looser and colors have taken on a much brighter and more vibrant appearance. Of course, this isn’t the only thing that has changed with women’s fashion. In fact, women’s jewelry has also.. Read More

Banking Made Easier with Telemarketing Software

Banking Made Easier with Telemarketing Software  Banks are likely one of the busiest establishments in the United States. Major banks and mortgage companies likely receive thousands, if not millions, of calls on a daily basis. Without an adequate call center, these corporations would drown in the confusion, which is why it is important to rely on telemarketing software for mortgage banking. Customers and potential customers call your bank for a.. Read More

NBC Stands Up To … NBC

By Joe Brown Love of NFL Correspondent Detroit Lions fans have suffered for eight agonizing years as Matt Millen single-handedly destroyed a once-prideful organization. It’s not like they didn’t at least try to grab the attention of owner William Clay Ford, Sr. For years, fans often organized protests outside of the stadium and blasted local sports radio stations with disgust and rage. It was so maddening that even devout fans.. Read More

Top 5 NFL Offensive Rookies

By C.G. Morelli Love of NFL Correspondent Labeled a weak crop by many early on, I can’t recall another season where more rookie players became the centerpieces for their teams, nor can I remember a time when so many rookie-led teams made it as deeply in the playoffs. Really, it was quite remarkable. With 2008 firmly in the rear view, it’s time to take a look back at a few.. Read More

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