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Chink in Armor Doesn’t Stab Steelers

By Chad Klassen Love of NFL Correspondent The first half certainly put Pittsburgh’s dominance on display, containing Kurt Warner for the most part, giving up only 100 yards through the air and seven Cardinals points. Not to mention the best defense in the league helping out its own cause on the scoreboard with the biggest play of the game. At that point, Defensive Player of the Year James Harrison looked.. Read More

Can Big Ben Get a Little Credit?

By E. Spencer Kyte Love of Sports Editor What more does Ben Roethlisberger have to do to get a little love? After all, it was “Big Ben” who orchestrated the game winning drive in Sunday’s Super Bowl. He was the one marching the Steelers into the end zone after Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald split the safeties and took it to the house to give the Cardinals the lead. While Santonio Holmes.. Read More

Madden versus the Super Bowl

Some of you may not know this, but there was a highly publicised Super Bowl simulation played out via John Madden football last week. Of course I realize gamers everywhere were holding their own version of this simulation which, in all likelihood, probably yielded different results. Yet even with this in mind, I can’t help but give some big time Love to this particular simulation, because the similarities between it.. Read More

Who’s Lovin’ Life as a Pittsburgh Fan?

When it comes to post Super Bowl stories, I’m betting you’re probably near the point of exhaustion. After all, there are only so many ways the mainstream media can break down a game which, in case you haven’t noticed, isn’t really something you’re going to find here. Oh sure, we brought you a summary or two, but beyond that, we’re all about bringing you the kind of stuff that isn’t.. Read More