Some of you may not know this, but there was a highly publicised Super Bowl simulation played out via John Madden football last week. Of course I realize gamers everywhere were holding their own version of this simulation which, in all likelihood, probably yielded different results. Yet even with this in mind, I can’t help but give some big time Love to this particular simulation, because the similarities between it and the actual Super Bowl were, in a word, bizarre.

Score at halftime:
Madden simulation: 21-7 (in favor of the Steelers)
Super Bowl: 17-7 (in favor of the Steelers)

Final score:
Madden simulation: 28-24 (Steelers win)
Super Bowl: 27-23 (Steelers win)

Final Ben Roethlisberger statistics:
Madden simulation: 21/28 for 238 yards
Super Bowl: 21/30 for 256 yards

Final Kurt Warner statistics:
Madden simulation: 27/38 for 275 yards
Super Bowl: 31/43 for 377 yards

Final Santonio Holmes statistics:
Madden simulation: 8 catches for 131 yards
Super Bowl: 9 catches for 131 yards

Final Larry Fitzgerald statistics:
Madden simulation: 9 catches for 105 yards
Super Bowl: 7 catches for 127 yards

Sure the numbers aren’t exact matches but, all things considered, you’ve got to admit they’re pretty damn close!

Though this isn’t footage from the above game, I figured it’d be fun for everyone to watch some of the Super Bowl (according to John Madden football)