One thing we can all agree about EDM concerts is myriad of colors and fashion statements that dominate the events. EDM concerts are not just about music, but the freedom to express yourself in what you believe to be the most appropriate attire for the event. It’s about hitting the dance floor to the electronic sounds of the greats such as Guetta, Aoiki, and Skrillex adorned in your best dancing gear.

So what would you wear at an EDM festival?

Do you prefer graphic t-shirts, colorful headgear, sexy outfits with all the fancy accessories, LED light-up shoes, or just plain vampire black? If you are new to the rave scene or feel like you need a few new ideas, keep on reading to find out what you may be sporting next time you attend an EDM fest.

EDM may seem like a fashion event, but it’s all about standing out from the crowd in the most creative way you can imagine without going into the extremes. Oversize tees printed with large graphics are still the in thing for both boys and girls. A great thing about oversize tees is that they can be paired with virtually any type or color of bottoms and footwear. A large tee above leggings and LED light up sneakers are a great way to hit the festival. You have a wide variety of choices in tees. You can go for one with a humorous message emblazoned across the front or even one featuring your popular artists if you are so inclined. Just make sure it shows your real personality and above all it should be comfortable enough to rock in without stress. Don’t forget to throw on a nice pair of those wide geek glasses or some colorful pair of sunglasses.

Another common feature at EDM concerts is the huge amount of skin on display. In recent years, barely-there clothing has become a staple at such events, especially among the ladies. Shirtless guys in shorts have become a norm, but a girl dressed in a risqué fashion will always be a show stopper. Bikinis, lace rompers, one piece bathing suits, and those Daisy Duke shorts are gradually becoming rave gear too. Add brighter colors to the barely-there look and you are guaranteed to make heads turn at the festival.

Bold accessories accentuate the look you desire to achieve at the concert. Think of neon colored belts and stacked bracelets. Whatever you opt to wear make it stand out with jewelry, bracelets, gloves, and glasses just to mention a few. If you are bold enough you can still take it a step further with pastel hair color, wigs, or even face painting to achieve that ultimate cyberpunk look. Fanny packs will not only accentuate your style, but help to keep your hands free while you rave to your best beats.

When night falls, the festival becomes a spectacular show of dazzling lasers and lights. Be part of the light show by adorning yourself in neon colored rave gear. It feels great to be dancing in a sea of neon, but much better when your neon too pops out. Don’t forget footwear. The surest way of lighting the dance floor is by wearing LED light-up sneakers with different colors glowing around the soles. These are comfortable sneakers you can count on to keep you rocking tirelessly all night long. They really bring out the best in you when you are cutting shapes and swinging in a shuffling move.

Come to the concert prepared to cut a bit sweat, so carry along the most colorful headwear and headpieces. The festival is a celebration of techno, so excitement levels are expected to be a notch higher. Rave in comfort sporting your best headgear. Don’t forget sunglasses too as the visuals in the venue can be quite intense. We are talking about lasers, projectors, and strobe lights not to mention the dazzling colors enhanced by the neon attired revelers. You also get that badass look when you wear sunglasses at night.