When it comes to post Super Bowl stories, I’m betting you’re probably near the point of exhaustion. After all, there are only so many ways the mainstream media can break down a game which, in case you haven’t noticed, isn’t really something you’re going to find here.

Oh sure, we brought you a summary or two, but beyond that, we’re all about bringing you the kind of stuff that isn’t “cool” enough for the world wide leaders who, for what ever reason, try to dictate what is and isn’t newsworthy … but I digress.

Shane Smith isn’t the son of a celebrity or wealthy entrepreneur. He isn’t the son of a well-connected businessman, and he isn’t a lucky kid who won a contest. Given the fact he doesn’t fall into any of those categories, and doesn’t have wealthy parents who could afford the extremely overpriced Super Bowl tickets, one might wonder how this eight-year old Steelers fan from Paris, PA, managed to watch his team bring home a championship … live in Tampa, FL.

Simply put, he did so by being a survivor and outlasting doctors’ predictions which, at birth, said he might not live very long. In case you’re wondering, Shane Smith was born with dysplastic kidneys, meaning the organs were damaged in the womb, and were therefore too small and ineffective at birth.

Adding to this heartbreak was the fact he couldn’t begin dialysis until reaching the size of a two-year old, which was something the doctors said he may not live long enough to do.  Yet there he was, sitting in Raymond James Stadium, watching his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl.

Not only did Smith beat the odds that said he may not live long enough to reach the size of a two-year old, but he lived long enough to reach an age where his father, Chad, could donate one of his kidneys and, as a result, save his son’s life. The surgery took place last summer, and Shane has been healthy ever since. Now to bring things full circle, I’ve got to give some Mad Love to the doctor’s at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, because they’re the ones who cared for and ultimately carried out the life saving surgery. On top of that, they’re also the ones who gave the youngster an additional reason to smile, as he and his father were flown to the Super Bowl, care of said Hospital.

So here’s to giving a huge helping of Mad Love to a youngster that never gave up and, if nothing else, at least this is one reason all of us can be happy the Steelers won the game.